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Debit Cards



No cash needed

Online Banking

Online access is easy! Get real time
balances, statements, manage your
debit orders, make payments, and
apply for extras.

Transaction Notifications

All transactions will create an SMS
notification to notify you of incoming
and outgoing payments.

Easy Deposits and Withdrawls

Deposit and withdraw money at any
participating retail store or using your
PayPal account.

Tap and Go

Enable the Tap feature to easily pay for
your purchases at participating retailers.

No Cash Needed

Make purchases at participating stores
using your Diamond Debit Card to
take control of your spending and
manage your money effortlessly.

No Fixed Banking Fees

No monthly service fees, only pay $50
to receive your personalized Diamond
Debit Card. A 0.5% transaction fee will
apply to all purchases and
withdrawals, all other transactions are

Diamond Advantage

We understand that sometimes you
require a little extra to meet your
obligations, that is why we offer cash
advances. Simply apply and the
approved amount will be calculated
based on account history.

Purchase Protection

Shop online with added peace of
mind. With the Diamond Debit Card, a
PIN is required for online payments
and you will benefit from purchase
protection on all online purchases.

Mobile App

Download the Diamond Card App on
your Android to pay with your mobile
device simply by linking your card to
your mobile app using a PIN or
transaction password. Use the App to
check your balance, view transaction
details, or pay and request payment
from other Diamond Card holders.


No credit check, No minimum balance, No activation fee, No fixed banking costs, Applying takes just 10 minutes! .Order your Diamond Card now and receive it within 14 business days.

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